Your trusted home technical adviser


We are a Home Inspection company providing services to the greater Raleigh-Durham area.

We are redefining what a home inspection is by providing a set of new and unique services.

We spend as much time as is needed with our clients and their agents in order to be able to address all their questions and concerns.

We use state of the art tools and software in order to be able to perform the most accurate inspections.

We use expensive equipments like infrared thermal camera and Electro-magnetic fields measuring tester.

We offer a complete line of inspections and optional services including our sought after buyer’s inspection package that is perfectly suited for 1st time homebuyers.


   “Michel’s home inspection report exceeded our expectations and proved of great value in helping me to anticipate and address areas of concern prior to a sale and purchase.  He spent a lot of time (several hours more than other inspectors contacted anticipated) and provided a very detailed review.  He did not mind getting dirty to achieve a complete assessment of each system.  Each item he flagged was indeed warranted.  The mention of the Federal Pacific electrical panel issues will be addressed immediately.  As  important, each item he passed provided comfort because he was so detailed and observed construction details which were not noticed by other professionals who should have brought  those items to our attention.  We are very comfortable that he did not miss problems because of his thoroughness. 

     Please know that my wife and I are very pleased with his service and would be proud to recommend him in the future. “

Lee C.

   “Michel has performed an inspection last November in our house and he found several major defects that were hard to spot and figure out. He quickly figured out the reason for the uneven floors caused by settlement and cracks of the foundation and weak beams before it became a dangerous situation.

He warned us about the damaged roof structure of the garage caused by a probable previous fire and recommended us the proper course of actions. Michel also found a big safety issue with the dryer that was improperly connected and was venting combustion gas straight into the house.

I highly recommend him for his thorough work and detailed report that helped me to start some improvement works in my house.”

Mark A.

Watch this 2 minutes Video explaining the importance of choosing a home inspector that spends as much time as needed to protect your interests !!